Walking Meditation

World Interfaith Harmony Week 2016: An Initiative for Peace

Imagine a clearing still surrounded by forest, and - in the clearing - seven stands of trees offering shelter and shade, like islands in a sea of waving grasses. Assume each grove represents a major spiritual culture or religion in its origin before temples, synagogues, mosques or churches were built: Aboriginal, Hindu, through to Islam and Secular Humanism.

Realise that it is out of their original source that each spiritual culture has to renew itself, if it is to guide humanity up the next step in its evolution. Walk from grove to grove as from sacred site to sacred site, in a circle or in the pattern of a seven-pointed star: honour and engage in the particular religion or spiritual culture of each site and – on the walk in between sites – experience and appreciate the landscape, the sky, the earth, the birdcalls, the beauty of nature given to us all as our common home. (Half a mile.)

After a few years doing this once a week on my own, I invited others to join me, to enjoy a shared lunch after the walk and continue the conversation for a while, sharing the experience, observations, insights, enriching one another with different perspectives…

This is – in a nutshell – what is on offer at Evera, Centre for Renewal, here in Trentham, each day of World Interfaith Harmony Week 1-7 February 2016.

Convener Henk Bak
Address: 14 Forest Street, Trentham 
Phone: 54241702
Email: hbak@westnet.com.au
See leaflets in Trentham Neighbourhood Centre for more information.

P.S. This walk might be of special interest as preparation for those, who intend to join  the TNC ‘Spiritual Day Out’ to Brimbank and Marybyrnon to visit Al-Taqwa Mosque and school; Sikh temple, Hoppers Crossing and Vietnamese Quang Minh Temple as guests of the Brimbank Interfaith Network on Friday 4 March. See TNC program.

Henk Bak


photo of golden wattle blossom