Introduction to Walking Meditation can be found HERE

Henk's Walking Meditation


World Interfaith Harmony Month - February 2021. Henk is especially celebrating this annual event on the weekends of the 6th/7th, and the 13th/14th of February.

Please click here to find a brochure.

Please click here to find an explanatory document regarding the nature of the Walking Meditation at Evera.


World Interfaith Harmony Week 1-7 February 2018 - Leaflet/Poster.


World Interfaith Week 1-7 February 2016: - Venue With A Difference Poster Read more about the philosophy behind the venue here. And here is a project description outlining its unique features.


World Interfaith Week: 1 - 8 February 2015 - Brochure (designed in A4 to be printed as double page A5)

Updated Introductory Leaflet. (designed in A4 to be printed as 2x double page A5 booklet)


Planned walks: Sunday 8th June and Saturday 4th October.

Walks are also available by arrangement - contact Henk Bak (03) 5424 1702 or email


Introduction to Walking Meditation at Evera - includes programme and directions.

A4 Visual Map of the Tree Clusters and the Star.

Poster advertising Walking Meditation event for February 2013.


Report of the May 2012 event in the form of an article for The Dewdrop Winter 2012 (Vol 6, Issue 1) - Sustainability and the Golden Rule.

Article placed in the Trentham Newsletter introducting key concepts of walking meditation, sustainability and the golden rule (May 2012).

Poster and key concepts for Walking Meditation and related talks - May 2012


Introduction to the Walking Meditation and the 7-Star : Things Fall Into Place.
(Article from The Dewdrop Spring 2007 (Vol. 1 Issue 2)


photo of golden wattle blossom

Evera Park: View to the South East

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