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Walking Meditation


Invitation to join a conversation
on how to bring the Golden Rule
from the privacy of our personal lives
back into the public domain of our economy...

Sustainability and the Golden Rule
a spiritual approach towards a next step in evolution

3 talks and 1 meditative walk with Henk Bak
on four Saturday afternoons



12 May 2012:

Neighbourhood House: Times and Places.
The spiritual-cultural origins of the Golden Rule, in times when
economic life was still fully embedded in religious culture.
'Treat others as you want to be treated yourself.'

19 May 2012:

Evera Studio: Sources of Renewal.
Without spiritual renewal in terms of consciousness,
compassion and competence, new initiatives reclaiming the
Golden Rule for the public domain are now being stifled by old
forms and fundamentalist thinking and power.

26 May 2012:

Neighbourhood House: New Initiatives out of Old Traditions.
How do the different religions and humanist traditions -
out of their origin – offer new ways to turn the economy
again into an instrument for practising the Golden Rule?

2 June 2012:

Evera Studio: Walking Meditation.
A meditative walk between points on an imaginary 'map'
representing the different religions, to contemplate their
central concern as reflected in the Golden Rule.


As an historian and philosopher I have been involved in the search for an 'Ecumenical understanding between Cultures' since the 1960's and have been recently inspired through the teachings by Shin Gwydiion Fontalba, Switzerland/India and the 'Walking Meditation' movement of Tich Nhat Hanh, Vietnam/France. The 4 sessions are designed as a whole, but I try to make each of them self-contained.


Trentham Neighbourhood Centre: Cnr. High Street and Market Street.
Evera Studio for spiritual renewal through ecosophy. 14 Forest Street, Trentham.

For information and directions to Evera Studio contact me at 54241702 or
For bookings contact the Trentham Neighbourhood Centre at 54241354 or

Contribution: $10.- pp per session; concession available.



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photo of golden wattle blossom

Evera Parkland

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