Activities and Events at Evera

Here at Evera we are working on several projects and activities. One of our main ongoing projects is celebrating and developing an understanding of the seasonal cycles of nature, through the celtic festivals.

More Information on seasonal festivals

For annual Festival Dates contact Henk

Another ongoing and evolving project, which is more based on local connections as well as specific design elements of the Evera landscape (in the form of a seven pointed star, with a grove of trees at each point, and each point dedicated to a particular major religious stream) is:

Henk's Walking Meditation


Evera Foundation Inc. also supports

“Paramarth Awadhawan” School Project

Here at Evera, we are also proud to be fundraising and acting as sponsor to the “Paramarth Awadhawan” Pauri school project in Garhwal, India.

Pauri school students

“Paramarth Awadhawan” is Sanskrit for: way to the highest goal.

For a lot more information about the Pauri School
download the pdf information booklet here.

Pauri School and Environment