Seasonal Celebrations
Weekend Festival Dates for 2016

A way of restoring and renewing a spiritual connection with nature through the celtic tradition as a source of understanding and inspiration to connect with aboriginal traditions the world over.

Song, meditation, movement, dance, teaching, conversation and ritual!

Typical program for a festival/seminar:

Arrival on Friday 7pm for an 8pm start, til about 10pm.
Saturday - 9am to about 10pm (including meals)
Sunday - 9am to about 3pm (including meals)

Provisional dates for 2016:

Lughnasad (First Harvest)                             last weekend in January

Autumn Equinox                                              21 March / Meeting held in Melbourne

Samhain (Nature’s New Year)                       29 April - 1 May

Winter Solstice  (Midwinter)                           17-19 June (Lakes Entrance)

Imbolc-Oimelc (first stirrings of Spring)      29-31 July

Spring Equinox                                                 23-25 September
Evera Foundation Inc. AGM 2-4pm              24 September

Beltane (Spring in full bloom)                        28-30 October

Summer Solstice (Midsummer)                     16-18 December


Simple accommodation available.
Bring your own food to share.
Trentham is cool country territory, be prepared.
Each weekend might involve some light garden work.


For information phone Henk Bak 03 54241702
or Email:


photo of ceremonial stones

Ceremonial Stones after a temple ceremony.


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