Old Fashioned Children's Games - Camp Details

2010 Camp Dates: 20-22 September

The 2009 Camp was wonderful! You can share a little of our fun by watching the slideshows.

2009 Games Camp 1 - Outside

2009 Games Camp 2 - Inside

When: Monday to Wednesday, 20th to 22nd September 2010

Where: Evera Park, 14 Forest Street, Trentham Vic., Ph. 5424 1702

Participants: Children from 4 to 12 years and their parents. In the case of younger children please phone to discuss…

Program: In- and outdoor games that help children to extend their repertoire of games to play and develop their social interaction. (We are not intending to play monopoly.)

Each day: Breakfast 8.30 am; Games start at 9.30pm to  4.30/5.00pm with shared lunch in between and dinner after…
From the old outdoor singing games like crocodile-crocodile to hide-and-seek and skipping songs. And indoor board games from Europe and other parts of the world,  with the East African Bao as the all time favourite.

Meals: bring your own food to share, preferably simple and organic.   Cooking-ware, crockery, cutlery, tea-towels etc available.

Accommodation: Space for camping available, with simple bathroom and toilet facilities.
Car-parking on the land, in the designated area
For accommodation in town, walking distance to Evera, Phone 5424 1666 or Email : Stay@Trentham.Biz

Numbers of participants: limited, please book in time.

Cost: Contributions towards Evera. We do have certain expenses for such an event…

Convenors for the Games: Yasmin Bak for the actual playing and Helma Bak for background information as to why we are doing this…


photo of shed which serves as playgroup and seminar space

The Shed - which serves as playgroup, games and seminar space.


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