Seasonal Festivals

An Introduction

The seasonal festivals are nature celebrations. Many of us are becoming aware of our alienation from nature.

And many people from the northern hemisphere are now living in the southern hemisphere, such as here in Australia. We have to adjust to the differences in the plants, birds, summer in ‘wintertime’ etc. Refinding the life, rhythm, and timing of seasonal changes asks our special attention. How do the evergreen Eucalypts and wattle-trees (mimosa) go through the seasons?

In the southern temperate zones of Australia the aboriginal peoples recognised 8 seasonal changes in a year. This corresponds with the old Celtic 8 seasonal changes. At Evera we follow that rhythm and we have 8 seasonal festival weekends. They are always within a week’s time from the fixed dates of the actual change. A week before an actual festival the atmosphere starts to change, it peaks at festival time, and takes another week to settle into the new stage. Our festivals take place within that fortnight.

We follow nature: June is Midwinter and we are aware that in the northern hemisphere it is Midsummer. An interesting reality, and one can be sure that the south and north of the Earth communicate. When the people of the northern hemisphere are out, on holiday or gathering fruit, we in the southern hemisphere are gathered inside around the heater and have time for reflection, integration and a new start.

The nature cycle in the temperate zones starts in late Autumn with the Samhain festival. For people in the southern hemisphere this takes place in May. North and south can complement and enhance their cycles as we become more conscious.

Weekend Festival Dates



photo of decorating ceremonial stones

Decorating the Ceremonial Stones is part of one of the core nature-ceremonies.


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