EVERA: On the Way to Ecosophia

On life’s journey it is good to travel light and well equipped, with some signs along the road and fellow travelers to share the experience. New challenges facing humanity the world over ask for new equipment and signposts and new ways of traveling together.

Evera (Spring) offers a station along the way. 15 acres of grassland, bush and garden, tucked away at the back of the township of Trentham, ca 90 Km NW of Melbourne: an old volcanic area with many mineral springs. It started in 1996 with 2 acres, an energy-efficient house and a co-creative garden which was designed using Machaelle Small-Wright’s Perelandra method, as developed in Virginia, USA. In 2001 it was extended with another 13 acres of surrounding grass- and bush-land. This extension is to provide space for some fellow travelers to visit, to stay for some time, and for new ways of working together with nature, (local) community, the spiritual world and ourselves.

Is there someone who can guide us into the new? 

Through deep listening into oneself everybody has access to the divine. With this project we feel part of a wider movement for spiritual renewal, civil society, organic and bio-dynamic agriculture, co-creative gardening and permaculture, from which we want to learn and to which we intend to contribute. In particular we undertake this project as an Australian counterpart to the Te Waipuna Ora Wellspring Ecological Village near Taupo, New Zealand. We will contribute with our experience and attend their training program on a regular basis. We share with them the teachings of Shin, in Switzerland, Europe and India.

“When people ask: ‘Where is He, can I see Him?’ then you can answer: ‘He works now here, now there, and one can see Him as well, but the essential point is, that He works always there where you happen to be, in every part of the Earth, at every moment of day and night; where-ever you are on Earth, He is now active for human beings and for the Earth.’ ”    Shin,  January 1999

In this context of spiritual and social renewal ecology develops into ecosophy, i.e. the logic of the food chain gets enriched with the wisdom of creation. Not merely a mammal enmeshed in the web of life, the human being is also called to understand this web and to weave it further according to its laws. Ecology places economy in the life cycle of the earth.  Ecosophy places the earth in the stream of cosmic evolution.

Against the backdrop of forest and sky stands the rainbow: beautiful, colourful, lightfilled.
It appears a steady form amidst fleeting sheaths of rain: a promise and a sign, heaven making contact with the earth.

We look for the whole spectrum of the knowledge rainbow: from physics, chemistry and biology through to psychology, philosophy and spiritual science. And we want to permeate the whole range with the colours and translucency of a qualitative approach — e.g., rather than the quantitative thinking behind genetic engineering we look for qualities in the genetic substances and for the kind of enhancement our nourishment now requires. In this light even economics may get a chance of rewriting itself.

In ecosophy you become aware of the law of mutual support and enhancement of all beings, not only on earth but throughout the universe. To become a co-creator is to learn to act out of the beginnings— principles—of the creative process. It is about the law in the aboriginal sense. What is God’s plan? What are the keys for understanding? The riddles of existence become the challenges that stimulate further insight into the evolution of creation. These are the kind of questions that we see ourselves pursuing, together with interested individuals and families.

We began with camps for families and friends, at least once a year, and with a cabin, to serve as a retreat for an individual or family in need of a quiet time for healing or peace. For the time being our activities concentrate on tree planting, forest restoration and work with families and (pre-school) children.

Evera was started in 1996 by Helma and Henk Bak, with the assistance of Babette Bruders and Megan Young, who also helped carry the project financially. Greg Thorpe assisted in creating the parkland-environment. The next step is to form a wider support group to help manage and develop the project. Legally the 13 acres will belong to Shin and will be protected against subdivision and degradation of its landscape character. A piece of land and a handful of people can go a long way towards creating a new Earth.  Sharing ways of finding guidance in ourselves and in nature uncovers new laws and patterns of working together. 

Togetherness generates new energy and enthusiasm for the projects at hand.....

Helma and Henk Bak, 19 May 2003


photo of golden wattle blossom

Rainbow over the land, facing north-east.


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