Essay on the thought of divine and human incarnation.

The concept of a divine incarnation is alien to modern western thought. Science views the cosmos as founded on universal laws and developing through an all-pervading energy.
The idea of One Being, Highest Consciousness, a personal God, entering the impersonal world through the confines of a human body becomes hard to grasp.

For todays consciousness, each human being is unique, with great potential. A newborn child may have a life ahead to realise much if not all that it brings to this life and later on, someone may look back on much that has been achieved. Human beings turn unseen, unheard, untouched ‘things’ into the tangible world of sound and sight: their own bodies develop and they develop a world around themselves. Something unique becomes embodied in one’s character, in one’s career, in a landscape, a culture, a language…works of art, deeds of justice…

Our greatest fear is not that we are incapable,
but that we are capable beyond all measure…

(Marianne Williamson)

Human beings realise themselves by taking in the world: drinking and eating the world, transforming the substance of plants or animals into our human form. In hunger and thirst and illness we experience our dependence on natural laws and energies, our bodies subject to gravity, our vitality dependent on the buoyancy of life-giving forces. We transform what is most common within us, into this or that unique human being. We lift the impersonal onto a level of the personal.

If a human being is capable of embodying his or her unique spirit in the confines of an earthly body, then the thought of the One and Highest Being incarnating becomes perhaps less difficult to consider. Especially when one understands, that such incarnation might only be possible in a human body that has been properly prepared.

In our time it was the great spiritual master Gideon Fontalba, whose body and soul were prepared to become a vessel for the incarnating God, whom we now know as Shin Gwydion or – in the east: Shin Shiva. An account of the life of Gideon and this incarnation process can be found on the website Wellora in New Zealand.

One of the first deeds of Shin was to initiate a movement in which all ingredients for becoming a fulfilled human being are incorporated: physically, vitally, psychologically and spiritually, both individually and socially. By incarnating into a unique human existence, Shin brings a humanity, that is in the grip of dehumanising powers, to a new level of human dignity…

Henk Bak.
January 2009


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Flowers lit by morning sun.

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