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The Dewdrop is a quarterly newsletter, printed at Evera, edited by Tineke Bak, as a vehicle for sharing our experiences with Shin’s work.

The newsletter is a collection of articles, reports, snippets of experiences, poetry, images, contributed by friends here in Australia and overseas and distributed by email.

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"Early in the morning when the dawn begins to break, the atmosphere becomes noticeably chillier…there appears on the tips of the grass a very delicate protoplasm-like tensile form, which …stands motionless on each tip. When the rising sun shines on this primal, elemental and untrammelled form, the protoplasm fills itself up to two-thirds with water. With, and because of, increasing heat from the sun, the intensity of the light decreases and the grass tips supporting the increasing weight of the dewdrop succumb to the law of gravity and bend down towards the ground. Finally the little womb-like sack bursts and the juvenile water, begotten in its archetypal form, trickles into the earth, accelerated by the blade of grass as it straightens up.

If one wishes to infuse a sick and tired body with the constructive, creative and uplifting energy concentrated in the archetypal form, then one must walk on these protoplasms as soon as possible before the impending birth of the archetypal water…"


photo of golden wattle blossom

Sunlight glistening on the dew...

"The dewdrop is the physically first born, which the indirect light of the sun imbues with new life, and whose direct rays endow it with archetypal form, with body and soul. Thus the foundation stone for development of new life is laid, without which there would be no reproduction and propagation, no multiplying and ennobling of older forms of evolution."

Viktor Schauberger. The Genesis of Water (1952), in Callum Coates’s translation: Nature as Teacher. Gateway Books. Bath, U.K.1998

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