About Evera and Friends

The Evera Project began in 1996 with 2 acres and expanded in 2001 with a further 13 acres. The land is located about 150 km north of Melbourne, Australia on the outskirts of Trentham, a small country town.

The core initiators of the Evera Project are Henk and Helma Bak who bought the initial 2 acre block when they retired.

In the free movement for human dignity, to protect, restore and further the dignity of the human being, Evera is a centre for Shin’s work (for more information see our links page) amongst a number of centres around the world. In February 2009 we joined the Global Healing Circle (for more information see our links page), which is available to Shin as a vehicle for his work.

Through Shin the movement introduces spiritual practices and insights matching the particular needs and challenges of our time.

Evera concentrates on the renewal of our connection with nature, ecosophy, and the renewal of education, working towards really understanding what integral learning and intuitive doing actually means in thought, experience, and practice. The ultimate goal of Evera is to become a school for initiation in the stream of the cosmic tradition (for more information see our links page).

Our beginnings are modest. Our circle of friends is not incorporated into an association, in which members carry responsibilities for meetings, administration, finance and communication. But at the Autumn festival 2009, our circle of friends has just started this process.

Through a quarterly newsletter, the Dewdrop, we share our experiences of Shin’s work with a circle of mainly English speaking friends in Australia and around the world.

Henk Bak

Helma Bak-Overmars

Henk and Helma at the Ganges, India

Henk and Helma at the Ganges, India (2008)

Circle of Friends

Right from its beginning in 1996 many people have visited Evera, participating in its activities, seminars, courses, festivals, camps, contributing to its development through donations and through work on projects, in the garden and in building activities.
Many of these people have become friends and are involved on a regular or occasional basis.

We look forward to one day finalising a legal form, an association, through which the ongoing responsibilities and tasks can be carried by a core-group.


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