Photo of HelmaIntroducing Helma Bak (10/12/1934 - 29/10/2014)

I was born in Holland and my middle childhood was coloured by the moral discussions of the adults during world-war II. The serious discussions about what was good and not good, how to forgive and forget. The effects of these conversations and – at times, emotional confrontations – have stayed with me through my adult years.

After secondary school I studied medicine and in 1960 I met my husband Henk who is a strong thinker and is always a member of some action group or other! In the early 70’s I came across Rudolf Steiner’s teachings and gradually started to see a deeper meaning in life and the causes of the moral dilemmas we are confronting now.

In 1976 we emigrated to the southern hemisphere finding a home in Melbourne, Australia, after two years of living in new Zealand. We have three children. My working field was mother, home and anthroposophical medicine.

In 1989 I came in contact with the living stream of the Cosmic Tradition and its representative Gideon Fontalba. I had found my spiritual home. During 1995 – 1997 I witnessed the incarnation process of Shin (the Creator) in Gideon’s body. My early childhood memories of good versus bad: where do you stand, what are the possibilities and responsibilities of the human spirit had prepared me to accept this most sacred transformation/incarnation process.

In 2001 we had the opportunity to buy 13 acres adjacent to our block of 2 acres in Trentham, country Victoria (Australia). This land is devoted to Shin’s work: e.g. family camps – working with young children – a seminar with Shin on the Secret of  Renewal in 2006 – and after that: celebrations of the eight Celtic festivals of the year…

Being part of Shin’s work inspires and enables both my husband and myself to carry and realise the ideal of cultural renewal with equal enthusiasm.

Introducing Henk Bak

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