small image of Henk BakIntroducing Henk Bak (born 1931)

I grew up and was educated in the Netherlands and taught history before emigrating in 1976 to Australia via two years in New Zealand.

Family and teachers gave me a wide range of cultural and social interests. Grammar school brought a great appreciation for the integrative power of history: it shows the interrelatedness of all developments and makes specialised areas of study accessible by tracing back their origins.

I studied philosophy and theology in the Franciscan (Platonic) tradition and history of art and economic history at university. Theology – philosophy – history – art – economy: a story of embodiment. The last and youngest development, economy, now faces the task  of embodying the respect for life and mutual care which were culturally integrated in ancient and indigenous religions. Transition – integration – embodiment or incarnation have become themes of a lifelong interest.

Apart from an enriching academic education University brought me in contact with Helma. Her strong intelligence of feeling has ever since balanced out my tendency to oscillate between formal thinking and social action. Each of our children made us take important steps in life: Michael the impulse to leave our country, Tao to seek healthy food and alternative healing, Tineke to look for an alternative to mainstream education.

Meeting Steiner Education and Anthroposophy was ‘coming home’: my sense of history and worldview became integrated in the wider and deeper sense of spiritual worlds and cosmic evolution. This new perspective made a lot of sense when  I was teaching history and theory of art and craft at University Art School in Melbourne for many years.

Meeting Gideon Fontalba in 1990 and then Shin from 1995 brought this integration process for me at new levels.

At present – in retirement – these new perspectives enable me to develop new insights into renewal of economic thinking. Much of it is in a state of essays, contributions to the Evera Newsletter Dewdrop, involvement in local developments, an occasional workshop at Evera on: ‘Spirit in Society Matters’ and a weekly ‘Meditation for Peace’ in the local Neighbourhood House. I am sharing Helma’s work for the renewal of culture, especially the correspondence, translation, and the preparation for the different activities at Evera as they come…

Introducing Helma Bak

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