Introducing Evera and Co-creative Gardening

Evera is a 15 acre property developed with the co-creative gardening method developed by Machaelle Small-Wright on her property in Virginia, USA which she named Perelandra. With this method you learn to work in a team with the nature spirits, devas and God in nature.
Any other method, such as permaculture, organic or biodynamic agriculture can be incorporated. It is the gardener who is in charge and learns to listen to his/her spiritual advisors.

The aim of the garden is mutual support and enhancement of all the beings in this garden, including people, birds, foxes, rabbits etc..  No insecticides or weed-killers are used, not even in so-called ‘friendly’ ways. And here at Evera 10% of what grows in the garden is given back to nature.

Our co-creative garden is peaceful and harmonious, though not always designed according to the pretty cottage garden concept.

Children and visitors love the environment.


photo of house and early summer garden

The (RAL) House and Garden in early summer (2008)

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