Exploring the Ideas of Integral Learning
and Intuitive Doing

Our seminar (at Evera) with Shin in 2006 was announced as The Secret of Renewal. What Shin brought to it was an introduction to ‘Integral Learning’. He explained and practised with us and two years later we are still continuing the  wonder-full journey of finding out what it actually means.


There are two ways to begin approaching it: look at a new-born child and look at the whole of the cosmos. Through millions of years and myriads of interwoven processes the cosmos arrived at the evolution of nature on earth and man in nature: a cosmic learning process guided by it own inherent wisdom and capacities and driven by its own many forms of energy. Look at a new-born child and notice its hunger and capacity for learning. Without a teacher or external program, a child learns more in its first six months than in the rest of a long life. We are at the same time the outcome of a cosmic learning process and the beginning of a new spiral of evolution.

Shin’s way of teaching is to bring us to that point in ourselves where we can develop ourselves out of ourselves as the source and the way of our development…doing consciously what the new-born child does unconsciously.

In this way ‘renewal of Culture’ begins with the way of the child: children allowed and encouraged to be children and adults becoming like children. Not childish, but consciously learning the children’s way. Shin calls it: The way behind the way’.


From vital intelligence (instinct) to spirit intelligence (intuition) via thinking intelligence (intellect)

Around the same time that Shin introduced ‘Integral Learning’ he also brought ‘Intuitive Doing’. Trying to grasp what this means might take us even longer than Integral learning. Looking at nature and at the new-born child might once more offer a first opening.

In many documentary photos or films one can watch how new-born animals straightaway ‘know’ what to do. And so do the parents or at least – in most cases - the mother. Doing and knowing seem to be one. We call it instinct.

In human life new-born babies seem to come with the same ‘practical wisdom’. And in cultures in which humans are or were still fully part of the ‘web of life’ mothers and fathers were or are also fully equipped to match this practical wisdom to provide and respond…Even now, dis-connected as many parents in to-days culture often are from nature, their bodies still know what to do.

Renewal of education, beginning with conception, is the beginning of renewal of culture. What animals, new-born children and their parents ‘instinctively’ know to do, we have to learn to do ‘intuitively’, i.e. consciously making our own doing a source of our own knowing, a knowing that would not come any other way than through doing…

Hence Shin’s insistence on resting after every exercise to ponder on what we have been doing, how it felt, what the experience was etc and in conversation, too,  to pause after something has been said and been listened to, making the listening and the speaking a form of ‘doing’ that reveals its own – otherwise inaccessible – ‘wisdom’.


From Gravity to Buoyancy - MIN I.L.I.T.

The website that communicates Shin’s work carries three elements in its title: 'Man In Noun' (muhn in no-uhn)and (German: Integrales Lernen Intuitives Tun) Integral Learning - Intuitive Doing. Both intuitive doing and integral learning can only happen through living, learning, doing now, being actively present. Now not only as moment but also as a kind of space, a time-span like the arch of a bridge stretched and suspended between a past gone and a future not yet there.

Again, in children ‘living in the now’ as in a space comes naturally: in the spell of play or a story, of building an imaginary world or exploring the ‘real’ one… Adults can find a clue there, a way back to the reality of life, its flow, its buoyancy, its formative power, what with a technical term is called ‘etheric’ or poetically ‘etherial’ and what Shin calls: the Ocean of Life.
It is time that humanity moves from relying solely on what can be measured, weighted and counted  as physical reality and learns also to swim in the streams currents, the cascades of life.

Henk Bak, January 2009


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