Henk's Walking Meditation

6/7 and 13/14 Feb 2021

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EVERA Centre for Renewal

At Evera our work is dedicated to the spiritual teaching and work of Shin. Our garden and land work includes ecosophy and a renewal of the knowledge of working together with nature, both practically and spiritually. And our human renewal focus is on Shin's teachings of Integral Learning, combining meditation, ritual, movement, dance, conversation and work to integrate life and the development of the spirit. These two aspects combine most harmoniously in the ritual celebration of the seasonal festivals to co-creatively enrich and renew both the human being and the world of nature.

The word Evera expresses the feminine and masculine principles: the feminine, creative wisdom receives love; the masculine, creative love receives wisdom…

Eve and Ra
Goddess and God
the fountain of life,
eternal spring.


dancing the Evera (Paneurythmy) Dance

Dancing the Paneurythmy 'Evera' Dance at one of our family camps.


The experience of visiting the Evera Garden can feel like a home coming:
coming home to peace, coming home to human dignity,
a home coming to the love and compassion
of the Creator, the Heart of God.


photo of golden wattle blossom

The main house and studio overlooking the spiralling gardens.

In different cultures the Divine or Highest Consciousness, Great Spirit or God is known under many names. To our knowledge and understanding Shin is a divine incarnation: highest spirit embodied as a human individual and bringing renewal into many areas of human existence. In many religions, such divine incarnation is being expected and in Hindu scriptures the concept of God entering this world in human form, especially in times of great need of renewal, is well established… For more details about Shin himself, his organisation in Europe and sister groups in New Zealand, Ireland, India and other places please visit our links page.



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