Links to Our Larger Community


To find out more about Shin himself:

Visit the MIN I.L.I.T. Homepage for schedules of seminars and events in Europe and around the world. Information is available in German, English and French.

For Shin's published materials please visit the Ganga Verlag (Ganges Publishing) site.

There is a more detailed biographical article about Shin on the New Zealand community site: Wellora (Note: - the Wellora site is currently (21 May 2009) down, but should be up again soon - so give it a try just in case...)

The Irish Druid College website has two articles, one on the Cosmic Tradition and one with a little more information about Shin himself as their teacher.

The site of the Order of the Wild Rose in the UK also has more information about who Shin is, and his work in India, as well as schedules for Carol Fraser's workshops in the UK, and more.


The Larger Community

The Global Healing Network is a new initiative to enable projects from around the world to have one portal for communication and integration. This network is open to any and all projects in line with the main intent of peaceful global healing.

The beautiful Anand Lok Resort, in northern India (near Rishkesh, on the river Ganges, in Uttarakhand) supports Shin's work and hosts seminars and retreats.


Other Interesting Places to Visit:

The Perelandra Site is a well organised business site with much information, a large free catalogue and beautiful photos of the gardens over the years and seasons. The Perelandra Garden is a private home and research centre located in Virginia, USA. There is also a free annual publication of people's own experiences with the Perelandra processes in healing, gardens, projects and more.