A World at the Cross-Roads

Quote from the East:

“Whenever morality breaks down, Arjuna,
and when the corrupt are held in high regard,
is the time I myself move for the protection of the good,
and the suppression of the wicked;
it is for the purpose of restoring the moral order,
that, from time to time, I enter the human world.”

Lord Krishna speaking to Arjuna. Bhagavad Gita 4.7-8
Sacred Book in the Hindu Tradition

In the Western religious cultural traditions one can also presume the existence of a deeper stream of true knowledge. Distorted fragments and words of these old impulses are appearing in films, thrillers and past-life memory books. Looking deeper one can indeed find hidden rivers of spiritual knowledge connecting the early mythical times with our life today. Deeply hidden they were at the centre of every religion and originating and living from the source of all, the Creator.

Representatives of these once hidden streams have worked openly and in ways that are accessible for everyone since the second half of the 19th century. The teachings of these high initiates are part of the Cosmic Tradition, the ocean of life, a spirituality flowing from the Heart of love and wisdom and life. These teachings have not found their way in the world at large.

At this point of our crisis situation the Creator, God and Goddess, Shiva and Shakti, have again come to earth to help humanity and the earth. Because now humanity might want to begin a renewed level of learning, integral learning, about:

How we are one with the earth.
stones, plants, animal
and man/woman.

How it is now time to stop consumerism
before it consumes us.

How joyful it will be to meet and learn
with all that is created;
to walk in Love and Peace.


photo of golden wattle blossom

Wattle Blossom: a multitude of radiant suns

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